The Sky's Awake So I'm Awake & the Iditarod

Monday, March 6, 2017

Okay so...we saw the Northern Lights EVERY NIGHT this week and they
were SO DOPE you guys! They were blue and green and pink and purple
and they seriously like DANCED across the sky. I died. Literally,
started crying. Whatever. I love Alaska. Even though it's freezing.
Our little (she’s 10) investigator, Aaliyah, is getting baptized this weekend so
that's super exciting. We are really happy for her! Yay!
She was fostered by a member family a few years ago and was recently
adopted by them and so now that the adoption is finalized, she can be
baptized! Yay! Dylan was really sick this week and had to go to the ER
but he was able to get a priesthood blessing and is doing so much
better! Christina still rocks my socks, she's one of my favorite
people ever.
We went and watched the Iditarod start this morning (in the -30s with
wind chill) which was so AWESOME, but freezing. The mushers were so bundled
you could barely see their eyes haha. I would be the wimpiest musher
ever. Bless mushers.
That was the most random letter but whatevs.
Peace and blessins love ya byeeee.

XOXO Dunlop

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