Monday, March 13, 2017

Sup fam. Okay big announcement of the week: THE SUN RISES AT 8AM NOW AND SETS AT 7PM AND IT'S A BIG FAT BLESSING I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THE SUNSHINE! I didn't realize how much I missed it until the other day when we were sitting at a stoplight and the warm sun was right on my face. I almost started crying #happytears. So yeah, that's the big and exciting news from Fairbanks. Woo. March & April are when the daylight is normal in Alaska. Right before it goes into 100% sun all the time - that's going to be weird.

Aayliah was baptized on Saturday! IT WAS SO CUTE- I died. Sister Fa'anunu and I were standing at the top of the stairs holding her towel for her and she climbed out and gave me the biggest, wettest hug ever. I love that kiddo. Then when they closed the font door whatever things (you know what I'm talking about??), she climbed back into the font and started swimming around haha. She was so happy. She kills me. Sunday was a really special day for their family because after Aaliyah was confirmed, they blessed their new baby girl too.

Aaliyah's life story in a few sentences: she was fostered by this member family with three other foster kids (all younger than her, none of them are related) like five years ago (she's nine now) and then the family had to wait a while but was able to officially adopt those four kiddos in January. Now that Aaliyah has been officially adopted, she was able to be baptized and has been waiting a really long time to be able to. It was so awesome to be able to teach her and be a part of her baptism. It was so happy!

The Ice AK Festival is going on right now and continues through the end of March and so we are volunteering at it a few days a week (aka we clean up garbage then go sled on the ice slide and climb around on the sculptures- "volunteering"). But now that these next few weeks are Spring Break for most of Alaska schools, they trained us to do tickets so we sit in a warm little hut and punch tickets and hand out maps of the park. It's pretty chill #hahaAKpuns. But these ice sculptures are INSANE! They are giant harvested blocks of glacier ice so they are super blue and pretty. Then the ice sculptor teams come with their chainsaws and pick axes and chip away at these huge things of ice and make dinosaurs or log cabins (that you can actually walk into and they have a bed, kitchen table, and living room) or the Statue of Liberty. They're out there all day just chipping away at a giant ice block and sipping hot cocoa. It's probably not hot cocoa though, this is Fairbanks we are talking about #alaskansarecrazy

Peace & blessings love ya'll bye

XOX Sister Dunlop ❄️

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