Tuesday, March 21, 2017

It was a random week, so here's a random email....
On Tuesday night, Bishop Boland asked Sis. Fa'anunu and I to crash a
wedding. He didn't use those exact words, but that's
pretty much what we did. So we went to the wedding (it was happening
in one of the church classrooms) and it was freaking awkward but
it's okay, there was cake. We had stopped by the church to drop off
the shovels we had been using that day to shovel driveways-I think
I've done more shoveling just this transfer than I've done in my
entire lifetime #AK-and Bishop stopped us in the hall. There were like
maybe ten people at the whole thing, and a bunch of them were less
active members so that's why he wanted us there. The wedding lasted
.04 seconds and then Sis. Faanunu and I said hi to a few people
but they obviously didn't want to talk to us, so we took some cake and
peaced out. Crash a wedding? Check.

We did more service at the Ice Park again a couple of times this week. It
was Spring Break for the schools and the youth ice sculpting
competition and so there were a bunch of little kiddos out there
sculpting ice - so crazy. Other update: I didn't win Bingo this week at the senior center, so
that was super sad but it's okay. It was St. Patrick's Day when we
were there and all the cute little old people were greened out to the
maxxxxxxxx- shamrock sunglasses, giant green hats, green lipstick. We
ate corned beef and cabbage like all week this week  #death #sos

We had dinner with Christina and Dylan (and their hubbie/dad Randi)
this week. They are doing super awesome! Christina loves visiting
teaching and we are helping her get ready to go to the temple in
Anchorage next month with the rest of our ward. She rocks. Side note:
she wore rubber duck leggings under her skirt to church yesterday and
it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me.

Here's some rando pictures to finish off this random email.

XO Sis. Dunlop

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