Monday, February 27, 2017

Yo. It was a crazy week with transfers (*cries because Pike is down in Anchorage now), blizzards & melting snow, and then a double baptism at the end to top it all off. Mish life is crazy.
Transfers: sad but good.
Sister Pike is killing it down in Jewel Lake now and Sister Fa'anunu came up from Juneau on Thursday night. Poor Sister Fa'anunu is stressed out of her mind having to learn this area. She has been out for almost five months and was trained in Juneau so Fairbanks 5th is only her second area. She's from Tonga and is learning English on her mission (baha jokes because that means she studies it with her companion and baha jokes because I have no idea how to teach English). Good stuff. Also, I taught her how to scrape ice off our truck the other day and she was super confused why we needed to plug the truck in before we went in at night haha. She keeps saying, "send me back to Juneau," lol sorry kiddo. Welcome to Fairbanks. 

Christina & Dylan's baptism: SO GOOD.
Dylan caught the flu that morning but was a such a champ and toughed it out and was baptized. His dad (who is not a member of the Church) came and supported Christina & Dylan which was super cool. All of the chairs were full of our awesome Fairbanks 5th Ward members - I adore this ward. Go team.
Funny story: Dylan gets in the font to be baptized and all the little primary kids gather up in the front so they can see and some KID drops his handful of RAISINS in the font. But at first, we didn't realize what they were so Sister Fa'anunu and I panicked because we thought it was bugs or poop or something so that was awkward. Whatevs, Dylan was baptized and then Christina was baptized. Awesome. Moving on...after the baptism, we had to wait for all the water to drain out and then I had to be the brave senior companion and go see what it was. It was raisins. Nasty nasty. 
Before Christina left, she was like, "thanks for letting us use your tub". Hahaha I adore her. Sorry that was probably the lamest email ever.
Love ya!
Xoxo Sis Dun

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