Chicken Tacos, Bingo, Frozen Fran

Monday, February 13, 2017

Hey! DUDE WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED AT HOME?! FOR REALZIES?!! Holy shooooooot. The world is ending down there. Anyways, it was kind of a weird week up here. Sister Pike was sick for the first part of the week and so we had pretty chill days visiting people that talked our faces off. Alaskans can chat. Forever. Awesome! Side note: homegirl Mama Laura sent me a keyboard for my iPad and it's super fun to type on (and it keeping my fingers warm) so this is probs going to be a long email. Sorry. You can just skip to the photos if you want, that's what I would do. But, here we go:

We had amazing chicken tacos with Christina and Dylan this week. I don't know what it is about tacos and Alaskans, but they make some real good tacos. What a blessing. We thought that their husband/dad was going to eat with us but after we finished eating, he came in the door from work and as soon as he saw that we were there, he just went upstairs and took a shower. Super awkward. Like you could've cut the awkward with a knife. So we left. It wasn't that bad, but it could've gone a lot better/worse too I guess.

We go and do service every Friday afternoon at the Pioneer Home and play Bingo with elderly people. It's service because we just sit next to them and help them find the number/letter combo the Bingo caller called. It's a good time. I sit with this lady named Candy and we lose hardcore every time- we've literally never won. On Friday after the first few games of us totally losing, she leaned over to me and was like, "I think if I just crawl under this table and die I'd be more likely to win than just sitting here. I'm not coming back next week, I'm done playing Bingo". Then took her little walker and peaced.

Frozen Fran. Our Jeep's name is Fran (I think I've told y'all that before) and she was frozen solid Sunday morning. Like nothing was going to start her. So we called our YSA homegirl to come and save us and she dropped us off at church because her ward didn't start until later in the afternoon. We were like 30 minutes late and church was only two hours long because it was -38 outside. *AK rule: if it's -40 or colder church is cancelled all together, in the -30s it's just two hours, and if it's -20 or warmer, it's all three hours. Also, all the military dads/husbands are back from NTC now so it looked like there was a totally different ward in 5th ward during sacrament. Super cray. I get to go meet all of them because they've been gone since I have been in Fairbanks.

After church one of our ward missionaries told us that she had jumper cables in her car and that she could take us back to our apartment and help us jump poor frozen Fran. She told us she was driving her friend’s car because her truck died at UAF yesterday. We were like, "whatever we don't care" because we were just glad we didn't have to walk a zillion miles home in -35 or something. We go out to the parking lot and it's the ghettoest ghetto little car crammed full of snowboarding stuff and it smelled like weed, like lots of weed...killer. So we get to our apartment and she has super short cables so she pulled around to the front side of our car but was still too far away then her borrowed-weed smelling-snowboarder friend's ghetto car got STUCK in the three inches (max) of snow that was on the ground. Like stuck, stuck. It was ridiculous. Then we spent half an hour freezing our faces off (our eyelashes were all frozen and we couldn't feel our fingers) trying to rescue this ghetto car out of a tiny patch of snow. We eventually got it-after digging it out with the sharp edge of our window scrapers and pushing it. She pulled the sketch car around and we put our car in neutral and pushed it out so that the short little jumper cables could reach from her car to Fran #girlpower. We hooked up our cars and then for the next 45 minutes tried to start Fran. It wasn't going to happen. So she was like, "maybe it just needs to warm up," and then she left. IT'S NOT GOING TO WARM UP UNTIL LIKE AUGUST WE ARE IN FAIRBANKS! It was super nice of her to drive us home and try to help us though haha. About an hour later the first counselor in the bishopric and his wife came (praise them!!) to try and save us but to no avail. He told us that it was something more than just needing to have the car jumped. So they left and we called our AAM car guy and told him what was going on then he told us to go to the car place tomorrow and have them take a look at it. But we can't drive the car anywhere. The Zone Leaders came and tried to save us but they couldn't fix it either (PS please remember it's like negative a billion degrees outside). Then the elders in Badger Road called them because their truck wasn't starting either so the Zone Leaders left us to go and help them way out there and they took our car keys with them. We were just stranded. Our homie first counselor and his wife came and got us and we went over to their house for dinner and then they drove us over to the church so we could teach our "Preach My Gospel" class to the few kids that showed up despite how freaking cold and dark it was outside. Then they dropped us off back at our apartment and we are just having the 2nd ward sisters drive us around today because we are currently car-less. It's a good time. We don't really know what to do so the Zone Leaders are figuring it all out. Cars hate me.

This upcoming week: it's supposed to be like +25 degrees on Wednesday and I'm pumped out of my mind! THAT'S ABOVE ZERO. LIKE A LOT. I don't think I've been in weather that warm since October in Anchorage #tendermercies. We get our transfer calls on Thursday night, so that should be exciting. With the way my transfer calls have gone so far, I'll probably get another companion next transfer (boo) or get another "One & Done" bump to a new area. I've had a new companion every transfer so far...what the heck Dunlop. I freaking adore Sister  Pike! We've had so much fun together and have seen so many awesome miracles here. But she was trained in Fairbanks 5th and then I came up and greenie broke her- so she's been here for a while and I think she's about ready to head down south where the sunlight is in Anchorage or something. What else for this week? Oh! Elder Arden, of the 70, is coming up to the AAM this weekend for a mission tour and he's flying up to Fairbanks with President & Sister Robinson for our zone conference on Friday. That's going to be super duper awesome. I think that's about all I've got. Sorry it wasn't very exciting- just a frozen cold car, a little Bingo, and some chicken tacos with Dylan and Christina really. Anyways, love y'all. Peace & blessings xoxo/Sis. Dunlop

Here's a lame selection of photos from this week:

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