Truck and Transfer Calls

Monday, February 20, 2017

Yo peeps! Sorry that this week is a modge podge of random things that have happened. It's been kinda crazy with transfer calls, Elder Arden of the 70 and his wife coming up for a mission tour, the sun shining, new cars, and all the other Alaskan stuff. I just want everyone to know that a couple of times this week, we went outside in only our hoodies. And we didn't die. Miracles are happing up here in Fairbanks. It was above zero for more than an hour! Also, saw the Northern Lights! Check that off the Bucket List. TBH, they weren't all that exciting because it hadn't been very cold that day, they were just green streaks in the sky. That is pretty cool I guess. I take that back, I saw the Northern Lights this week and it was awesome! Also, there were dog mushers out the wazoo in Fairbanks this week and we saw the finish line so that was pretty dope too. I love Alaska.

In other news, Fran (our Jeep that froze last week) is still MIA. The original plan on Tuesday was that the Zone Leaders would take her to the shop and get her fixed then bring her back so we could go out and be missionaries (side note: we don’t actually live in our area and it's too far and too cold to walk all day so we were a little trapped without a car #alaska). They magically got her to start and drove off to the shop but apparently Fran died like four or five times on the way there. So the ZLs come back and are like, "you don't have a car anymore..." *starts crying a little bit. So then we had to call the 2nd Ward sister missionaries and have them take us to a lesson, drop us off, and pick us up. Then we went to a lesson with them and then they had to drop us off for another lesson at Christina and Dylan's but they weren't home yet so Sister Pike and I walked around the neighborhood freezing our lives away until they came home. It was just a mess. On our little walk, we called President Robinson and we were like, "yo homie...this no car thing ain't gonna work for us kiddo," (kinda in those words but actually not really). And so he worked his mission president magic and made it so that we could have the ZLs other truck- that they had previously wrecked, hence "other" (go elders)-that had just come out of the shop that day #tendermercies #miracles #lovemylife #happyvalentinesdaydunlop. 2nd Ward took us to get the truck keys from the ZLs and we happily drove away in our new truck. WE LOVE OUR TRUCK! Her name is Spice (like Ginger Spice from Spice Girls) and Sister Pike and I LOVE her. Sorry Fran, you've been replaced.

We got our transfer calls and Sister Pike is heading down to South Anchorage (I love, love, love, love South Anchorage #promiseland) to be in the Jewel Lake Ward and Sister Fa'anunu is coming up from Juneau to be in 5th Ward with me! So sad that Sister Pike is leaving but also so excited to #1 stay in this area (this ward freaking ROCKS and I'm still recovering from my heartbreak of a "one and done" in Lazy Mountain, I love that place!) and #2 have Sister Fa'anunu come up with me! It's going to be super duper awesome and I'm way pumped for it. 

Elder Arden and his wife came up for a mission tour this weekend! They flew up with President & Sister Robinson to Fairbanks on Friday and we were in a training with him all day. It was really cool/really long but also really awesome. He talked a lot about overcoming trials and having faith, hope, and trust in Heavenly Father that will help us get through. There have been moments on my mission that have been some of the hardest moments in my life, but there have also been moments that have been some of the happiest. I wouldn't trade serving in this frozen ice land for the world. I love being a missionary. 

Want to talk about happy moments? How about Christina and Dylan getting baptized on Saturday?? Happy. Moment. I'm probably going to cry but whatever. I am so excited for them. They are fantastic human beings and they're some of my favorite people ever. I adore them! It's going to be awesome! Get stoked.

So anyways I love y'all, I love Alaska, I love being a missionary. Life is good up in the frozen north. Peace and blessings.

XOXO Sister Dunlop

This photo makes my OCD crazy...LOOK AT THAT GAP SCOOT OVER ELDERS

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