Monday, January 30, 2017

Hey hey hey. You guys. It was above zero for a hot sec this week. And by a hot sec, I mean for one day. But whatever, it's the small things when you're a missionary.
Also, it was a miracle week. Sister Pike and I decided to teach at least two lessons everyday (which is a big dream goal here in AK) and we taught like fifteen. Crazy. We're teaching this dude that lives out of his car (we meet with him at Barnes and Noble and it's a little sketchy so we bring the sixth Ward elders with us), Christina and her son are getting baptized soon, we are teaching the dad of an active family and he's not a member [yet] but comes to church every Sunday, and there's just awesome stuff happening in the Fifth Ward. So pumped.
Also, Sister Treu and I got the worst colds ever on our exchange this week. We died. Shoutout to Vicks and tissues because somehow we made it. Here are some videos to make up for this uber short email, sorry peeps love ya.
xoxox Sister Dunlop


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