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Monday, January 9, 2017

This is going to be kinda short but I'll send lots of photos to make up for it.
Last Monday, we pet & fed moose #casualAK with Brother Collins who is a moose biologist in the LM Ward. He and his team also catch reindeer from the Bush - they go out in helicopters, hover over a heard of them and then Brother Collins jumps out and runs after them, catches one, tranquilizes it, loads it in the heli, and takes it back to the lab for research #boss. He's also like 60+ years old so that's way impressive.
We had a gingerbread house decorating contest with our district - totes won. I was also volunteered to represent the Sisters in a sword (pool noodles duct taped around a PVC pipe) duel and battled the Elders on PDay and won #greatness. We had a throw down lesson with Ray because he knows the Book of Mormon is true and that the gospel has been restored but won't get baptized so that's fun. President Robinson called us with transfer calls Thursday night and I'm heading up to FAIRBANKS tomorrow morning to [freeze my face off and] serve with Sister Pike! Way pumped.
Micah has disappeared from the face of the planet so that's pretty lame. We had Zone meeting on Friday and then I was throwing up all weekend and Sister Christian jammed her toe on the desks and the mission doctor told her she couldn't walk for a day so we were stuck in our apartment forever #goodstuff #bonding. For service this week, we helped our recent convert clean her house #hoarder and I thought it was going to lose my mind, but it’s good stuff. She wouldn't throw stuff away! It's okay, we still love her.
Even though I wasn't in Lazy Mountain for very long, I learned a lot about love here. Loving the people, my companions, the crazy elders in our district, and even random people on the street. The gospel is all about love! I've loved this area and am excited for my new icy adventure in Fairbanks. 
Peace and blessings y'all

Love, Sister Dunlop💕

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