The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

Monday, January 16, 2017

Oh, Fairbanks. Where it's so cold that you have to take in a breath before walking outside, where the sun is up for only three hours a day, where they don't salt the streets because the salt doesn't even do anything, where your eyelashes freeze instantaneously, where everyone leaves their cars running in the Wal-Mart parking lot, where even though it's -38 degrees Bishop Boland still holds three hours of church on Sunday, and where it's just straight frozen up here. It hurts to breathe. But whatever, I love it!

Tuesday morning (at the crack of dawn) we met with the Memory Lake & Colony sisters to shuffle around for transfer logistics. Sister Christian was scheduled to fly down to Juneau later that afternoon, Sister Ouderkirk was going home, and Sister Lake's & my flight up to Fairbanks left at 9am - we kinda had to hustle drive to Anchorage to make it. Christian and Ouderkirk were supposed to drive down in the Lazy Mountain car and Lake and I were going to drive down behind them in the Memory Lake car. But Christian & Ouderkirk ditched us and went to visit some sisters on the way to Anchorage. So they peaced and then it went like this...
Me: "Do you know how to get to Anchorage from here?"
Lake: "Nope, I've only been in Memory Lake my whole mission (side note: Sister Lake and I came out together from the MTC). Do you?"
Me: "Nope."
Lake: "Well, I don't feel good about driving in the snow (it was still dark at 7am and dumping snow) so can you drive?"
Me *trying to be a good person but dying inside: "Sure!"
LOLOLOLOLOL we somehow got to Anchorage after a total whiteout, full on stop on the highway by Beach Lake, and just being so lost #runningonfaith #IthinkIonlycriedtwice #SisterLakecriedtoookay. We also didn't have a phone and had 1/4 tank of gas, so that was awesome. The APs must have had a ridiculous amount of faith and trust in having Dunlop and Lake drive from Wasilla to Anchorage (what the heck doods). Anyways, we miraculously made it to the mission office -20 minutes late, but come on!!- and met Christian and Ouderkirk there (little bitter), loaded up, and boogied to the airport. Our flight was leaving in 45 minutes so we figured we were good, PSYCH. As we loaded our baggage (also looking for Elder Dimmik because he was supposed to fly up to FBX with us), the airport man told us we had missed our flight *PANIC/WANT TO CRY/DUH WE MISSED IT/APs HAVE SO MUCH FAITH SORRY WE DONT KNOW HOW TO ADULT/NOW WHAT. But he was super nice and re-booked us for the next flight that was leaving in an hour and a half so we loaded our stuff on the baggage thingy, got new tickets, still wondered where on earth Elder Dimmik was, went through security, and then Elder Dimmik was sitting right there and was like, "of course the sisters made me miss the flight" bahaha so sorry. PS Elder Dimmik came out with Sister Lake and I too #babiestakeonFBX. Then we had to borrow a rando's phone and call the APs #scary and tell them what happened and whatever whatever. FINALLY we load on the plane (#blessed because I get the window seat) and as we fly over Alaska it just looks like a frozen, barren, wasteland #yayyyyyyy. It was only -20 when we landed and the other FBX missionaries picked us up and we went to the Institute building for pizza and ping pong. Then Sister Pike (oh PS she's my new companion and I ADORE her, she's from Santa Barbra and is freezing all the time haha, she just finished being trained so I'm "greenie-breaking" her) and I went to our apartment and dumped all my stuff. Then we went to Wally World to get food - Sister Pike drove in snow and ice for the first time and it was terrifying, I drive now haha. Then we have just been figuring stuff out all week and how we're going to baptize Fairbanks this transfer #dreambig. It's going to be awesome. Sorry this is a bummer selection of photos this week- we've been busy/iPads hate this cold and only sometimes work yay.
I love y'all! Stay warm xoxox 
Sista Dunlop❄️☃️

 Had to say bye to Martinez on Monday #sadday
Our little baby Jeep, Fran, loves being frozen outside #jokes
This wasn't even the coldest
Sister Pike and I coming to you live because we felt bad that we don't have a pic haha!

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