First MTC P-Day, First Email Home

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I've only been in the MTC for six days but at the same time, it feels like I've been here FOREVER! There is a new group of missionaries coming into the MTC tomorrow afternoon and so we won't be the babies anymore! There are over 1800 missionaries in the MTC right now and we all are scheduled to eat dinner at the same time. It's like waiting in line for Splash Mountain at Disneyland. And everyone is super hangry so it's just a ton of fun. There are a lot of things I want to tell y'all about but there's no spell check on this and there's like six other missionaries in here practicing Spanish so I'm zero percent focused (so sorry). But anyways, here's what's going on at the MTC, it's a party.

My companion is Sister Richards from Draper, UT. She has been called to the Alaska Anchorage mission too and so we could maybe be real companions when we are out in the field together and actually in Alaska! The other day, we met the other three sisters that are going to Alaska with us and there are five elders also going there!  Alaska is the coolest (haha) mission ever.

Sister Richards and I are rooming with Sister Smith & Sister DeSpain (both of which are going to the English speaking California Anaheim mission-like Abbey but English!-it makes my heart so happy) and I sleep on one of the top bunks. The bedding in there feels just like hospital sheets and they only give us a super thin and tiny blanket- that doesn't even cover my bed- and so I freeze at night. And right outside our room is this giant light post that's always on and so it's ALWAYS BRIGHT in our room. I guess it's just preparation for Alaska summers. We live on the fourth floor of our building and the MTC DOESN'T BELIEVE IN ELEVATORS - THERE ARE NONE! And so hauling our bags all the way up there on the first day was the worst thing ever. We all get along pretty well. The bathroom in our hall is bright yellow and has florescent lights so the whole room glows and it makes your eyes burn when you're in there. 

We wake up at 6:30am every morning (it's SO HARD) and then have to be in class from 8am-9:30pm each day and so by the time we finally get to go home, I am barely awake enough to take my name tag off before I fall asleep and die. It's a lot of writing and teaching and reading and listening and singing and praying and all that- but I love it. Sister Richards and I are already teaching two new investigators, Amanda and Lucia, and they are both so cute I just adore them.

Sister DeSpain, Smith, Richards, and I are the only sisters in our district. There are eight elders in our district. Elder Brown & Taylor and Elder Hopkin & Hartzell are going to Nampa, ID. Elder Jones & Johnson are going to Anaheim, CA. Elder Judd & Dredge are going to Jacksonville, FL. We are all all over the place. Go America! Our classroom is seriously the size of my bathroom at home and it's so squishy in there. Normally, I would say that it's hot but the Elders have decided that Sister Richards and I have to sit under the AC with it on FULL BLAST in order to get ready for Alaska and so I just freeze my face off everyday even though it's like 90 degrees every day in Provo. Yay. On Sunday, we had the temple walk where your whole district walks up to the Provo temple and we are assigned to go at like 3pm each Sunday. I think that was the first time that I haven't been totally freezing so far. The joke in our district is that we have all of these amazing new friends, but none of us know what each other's real names are haha. It's super weird. Our district leader, Elder Hopkin is HILARIOUS. He is like Dwight Shrute and Napolean Dynamite and whenever we read scriptures out loud in our district, it takes all I have in me not to start laughing because it is SO FUNNY. All of the elders in our district graduated high school in like May/June of this year and so I just feel super old (Sister DeSpain graduated in 2011 and Sister Smith graduated in 2014 so they're really the grandmas of our group haha). 

Anyways, I love you all and this is so hard but so good.
See you later.

xoxo Sister Dunlop


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