Sending Sister Dunlop on her way...

Monday, August 22, 2016

On Monday night, Caitie was set apart as a missionary by our Stake President, President Kunz. It was a beautiful (and teary) experience for our family. She's officially Sister Dunlop now and she is ready to get going! Hannah and Mom got to take turns being her companion.

Her final post before she left the world of social media behind for 18 months :)

Tuesday morning, we loaded up the car with her massive suitcases and headed to Utah. Because she was already set apart as a missionary, our musical options were somewhat limited to things like MoTab, The Lower Lights, and The Sound of Music. As if we weren't emotional enough already...
We made it to Salt Lake in time to attend an evening session in the Salt Lake Temple. It was a wonderful experience to be there together before we sent her on her way. It was beautiful, and filled us with much needed peace and love. Now we're ready!

The day had finally come. Wednesday morning we ran a few last errands, had breakfast together, and walked the grounds of the new Provo City Center Temple. Caitie was SO ready to go. She was excited, happy, nervous, and honestly felt like she was going to throw up. She just wanted to get there and get started. Things got real as we pulled in to the MTC. We had thankfully been prepared for the quick drop off once we got there. A sweet sister missionary met us at the curb, helped Caitie unload her bags, took a family photo for us (before we could start to cry), and helped Caitie into the MTC. She had finally stepped over the starting line and was on her way.

We love you Sister Dunlop, 
our hearts are with you every step of the way!

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