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Monday, August 7, 2017

I'm going to tell you a story; the story of my insane but beloved and amazing mission [so far]. Once upon a time, Sis. Dunlop was trained by Sis. McGee #RIPthereds in the Oceanview Ward & Bush Branch (in south Anchorage). Normally it takes two transfers to be trained, but "normal" has never really happened for me. Oh and also, we were the STLs #newkidtrizonetrainingondaythree. I freaking loved it. Then Sis. McGee's eighteen months as a sister missionary were up so she flew home and Sis. Ewing came and greenie broke me for a transfer. Definitely a time of learning and growth as I showed her how to STL and she was still helping me figure out how to straight up be a missionary. Good stuff. Then I was sent up to windy and cold Palmer for December to be in a trio with Sis. Christian and Sis. Mataele in the Lazy Mountain Ward. Trios rock, let me tell you. Palmer in the winter though? Not quite as fun. But wait for it. Then I headed to Fairbanks and greenie broke Sis. Pike in 5th Ward for a transfer #lolzies #ithoughtpalmerwascold #theniwenttofbx #-64. After Sis. Pike left, I served three transfers up there with Sister Fa'anunu. I love Fairbanks-learned a lot, cried a lot, grew a lot, laughed a lot, was freaking cold a lot, prayed a lot, a lot of this, a lot of that, a lot of whatevz. Six weeks ago, I was flown down to the peaceful family land of the Eagle River Valley & Mt. Baldy Wards believing that I would be here at least two transfers because my companion, Sis. Johnson, would be "dying" (going home) at the end of this first six weeks. PSYCH DUNLOP! President Toone (our brand new super duper fantastic and kind Alaska Anchorage Mission president) called us on Thursday night for transfer calls and was like, "sisters, due to the shortage of sisters we have in the mission right now..." *pause: the new batch of missionaries coming to the mission next week has as many elders as the Stripling Warriors and only two sisters in it
"...we have to close an area to the sisters. It looks like this round we are going to have to close your Eagle River Valley & Mt. Baldy Wards this time. We are going to have to replace you with Elders..." WHAT?! *punch to the heart "...and so Sister Johnson you will be heading home back to your family at this completion of your mission. And Sister Dunlop, you will be heading up to the Memory Lake Ward in Wasilla and will be companions with Sister Pike," *lots of screaming and freaking out [with joy]. Two things: I'm super duper sad to be leaving ERV & MB after only one transfer here (the second time I've
only spent one transfer in an area (Palmer) (side note: spending only one transfer in an area is pretty rare as a missionary. Especially doing it twice) and that always rips my heart out a little, I get attached haha) because I've met some of the nicest and most loving people here. BUT I get to go and be companions again with Sis. Pike and I'm way stoked about that. Also, I haven't even been out a year yet and I've already served in five of the eight zones in our mission. Boom. Dunlop can not be stopped haha. I have absolutely loved my mission.
There are definitely rough moments, if it was fireweed and Hot Licks ice cream all the time then everyone would be a missionary. Sometimes it's pickled muktuck and Eskimo Ice Cream (ate that yesterday and my body wanted to kill me) and negative a billion degrees outside. But the whale blubber and nasty "ice cream" and ridiculous cold is all worth it because helping people's lives be blessed with the joy of the gospel is the absolute best "when you bring others unto Christ, you will find that you also bring yourself". Heavenly Father is so good to me and I am so grateful for this gospel of joy and eternal families. My life is crazy, but I love it #blessthismess.
Love, love, love y'all.

Sis. DunlopšŸ’•

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