June 12, 2017 - Fairbanks, AK

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Hey peeps. Here's a mess of what happened this week:
I'm melting. It is a billion degrees up here and Alaska doesn’t believe in AC-because it's cold and snowy forever and ever up here-so that makes it so much worse. Our car said it was 96 degrees at one point #sos. The other day members were joking about how the worst times to be in Fairbanks are January (because it's so cold) and June (because it's so hot)...LOLZIES FOR SIS. DUNLOP SHE'S STILL HERE. Whatever #iamqueenfairbanks.

Service moments from the week: We helped out at the Food Bank and this week they had our whole district come and pull the sprouts off of 10,000 lbs. of potatoes. It was nasty, I don't think I can eat potatoes for a while. TBH not as bad as other FBX service experiences though. We helped our old [bomb diggity, super stellar, awesome, fantastic] Ward Mission Leader clean out their old house on Base and move into their new house in 1st Ward's area #cry. It wasn't that bad, just some vacuuming and mopping under the fridge. Then they took us all out to Charley's for sandwiches and lemonade #blessingsonblessings.

Our poor Fran the Jeep has just been taking a beating. Remember how she like froze and died in February? Well, the other day Sister F. and I were at the hospital visiting a less active (we call her Shakira, she's a little crazy but we love her, and she's moving to Wasilla) and when we came out, there was a huge dent in the driver side door because some homie drives like a stoopidhead. Anyways, it was a hit and run so that was super sparkly and fantastic. I super enjoy the giant white streak from the homie's car that doesn't come off as well. Also, there's a huge crack in our windshield from where our TIWI is and so we're just waiting for everything to come falling in on us. Fran has turned Ghetto McGhetto. And some ravens had a poop party on our car but it’s raining today so hopefully that will all wash off too. Love life.

People we're working with: Sister Paula Hess is doing good. We had our first new member lesson with her out on the back porch and talked about the importance of going to church, reading the scriptures, and saying prayers and how those little things build up our testimony and make a difference in our lives " small and simple things are great things brought to pass...". We went on a walk with a less active this week and she told us that she wanted to go on a picnic so she made us this drink-IDK what it was, can't tell you more than it was brown and pulpy with hecka dog hair-and some "salad" that was just every bean in the world with some water and onions. Thought. We. Were. Going. To. Die. LUCKILY Heavenly Father loves us and she forgot paper plates so she told us to take the salad home with us and eat it #lol #no #garbage #sosorry. And then she forgot her phone over by the bike racks and so she went back over to get it (which took a blessed ten minutes) and we dumped out our cups of mysterious brown sketch liquid while she was gone because you couldn't have paid me enough to drink that stuff. Missionaries are protected.

President Russell M. Nelson flew up to Anchorage this week and spoke to the missionaries. The missionaries in S. Anchorage, N. Anchorage, Soldotna, Palmer, Wasilla, and Chugach got to go and see him in person (#pb&jelly) while the rest of us watched it through PVC that didn’t work for the first hourish but we got to hear the end of his wife’s talk and then his so that was good. They talked about the scriptures being answer books and how we can pray to have the eyes of understanding and how that will help with our questions to be answered. They talked about the power of the calling of a missionary and how there are those on the other side of the veil there with us. I've felt that a lot on my mission. That I'm not alone but that those who I knew and loved on this side are with me, even though they are on the other side. I'm grateful for that and I'm grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who gave us the Plan of Salvation and makes it so that death is not the end.

Okay, this email is getting too long. One last thing: Dunlop Palooza started this week! What is Dunlop Palooza? Well, it's the month long celebration [June 9-July 9] leading up to my birthday. We kicked off the event with a smash cake and box brownies. I freaking love my Fairbanks family.

XOXO Sis. Dunlop

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