Short and Sweet

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

This is going to be short and sweet #sorry but I gave my fambam the Alaskan lowdown yesterday, so if you want to know more stuff…ask them☺️

This week was good. All our peeps (Micah, Christian, Ray, Darryl, etc.) are good. The sun stays up for a little longer now, so that’s good. Christmas as a missionary is freaking dope. For our Secret Santa gift exchange in our district, I got a mini drone so that rocks my socks. I saw two moose this week. Someone had a seizure during our dinner appointment on Christmas Eve, but it's Gucci, they're ok. I didn't trip down any more stairs. I tried to make a snow angel in the snow but forgot it was freezing outside so it was just icy. It was Christmas. I see bald eagles everyday #america. I think that's it.
I love y'all! Chat with ya next year (haha I'm funny)!
Love, love, love, love,

Sista Dunlop💕

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