It's Windy

Monday, December 12, 2016

I don't really feel like writing a super long email (probably because we're going to go hike mountains in a second and I'm freaking PUMPED) so here's a short one: People say that Fairbanks is the worst place to be in the winter but Alaskans say it's Palmer. Why? Because in addition to it being below zero just about all day and every day, there's insane wind (20-30 mph) that hurt so bad. It makes my bone marrow hurt. It was so windy one night this week that the wind blew all of the boards from our balcony off (it's a sketchy balcony to begin with) and then another we saw birds that couldn't even fly straight because it was so windy. Yayyyyyyyy.

We had two different referrals pass off lessons this week (one from the elders in Fish Hook and the other from the Palmer elders) and have been going and finding a lot of less actives and teaching them. Sister Christian has only been in the area for one transfer and Sister Mataele and I just got here, so we are all trying to figure out the area's a good time. One of the referrals is a guy named Micah who is GOLDEN. He went to church with his friend last week and has decided that he wants to turn his life around and be a better dad for his family. He basically asked us to let him be baptized and so once he overcomes some Word of Wisdom issues, he's good to go! He wants to be baptized on Christmas so that would be the coolest Christmas present ever (besides FaceTime with my fam (tbh stoked). It's been so cool to see how the gospel makes good people become great and how Heavenly Father brings people to the gospel. 
It was also the Colony Christmas celebration in Palmer this weekend (there was a parade, fireworks, and subzero temps. Nothing stops Alaskans) and our Stake celebrated by setting up this gigantic nativity display throughout the church building that was free and open to the public. All of the rooms had different themes and they have live performances and all this cool stuff.
I love you all! Stay warm down there. 
Love, Sister Dunlop the Eskimo💕

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