Thanksgiving Transfer Calls

Monday, November 28, 2016

Hey fam! A ton of stuff happened this week and I'm going to try and cram it all in here really quick because writing it all out takes a million years. First of all, with this week being transfers, I'll just start by saying that YES, I'm getting transferred. And I'm pumped about my transfer call. I'll be going up to LAZY MOUNTAIN in PALMER to be in a TRIO with SISTER CHRISTIAN who was trained by Sister McGee-like me) and SISTER MATELLE (who was trained by Sister Ewing-also, like me) and I'm so stoked! In the wise words of Elder Bird, "it's always a good time to be in Palmer". Saweeet!

Last Monday, our zone was able to go and help with a super cool service project called "Thanksgiving Baskets" that was organized by a different Christian church but we were able to jump in and help out, which was so awesome. Organizations had teamed up and freely donated turkeys, potatoes, stuffing, apples, and all that other Thanksgivingness then people came and showed proof of residency or something like that, received a number, waited in line, were called up and shared how many people were in their family, then we helped them through the lines for food, loaded it all up in their cars, and they drove away. It was flawless. We helped feed over 2500 people for Thanksgiving! Serve, serve, serve. Then we all went to Taco Bell bc we were starving. 

Tuesday morning we dropped Sister Ewing off at the airport for her 48 hour trip to Juneau for exchanges and then the Huffman Tria was born! SO BLESSED! We had our last district meeting (sad day bc the Turnigan Arm district rocks) and then we celebrated my lifeaversary (the one year mark since my Tincup Canyon car accident) with sodas from the Holiday gas station and making cute Thanksgiving cards to ding dong ditch the Huffman and Oceanview member with. I could be in our Huffman Tria for the rest of my life. It was SO good. We also finished the 12 Week Missionary Training program which means I'm finally a real missionary! Yayayayay! Praises. 

For Thanksgiving, we went over to the Barbachano's house and had Huffman tag along with us because no one in their Ward invited them over (sad). But let's be honest, it wouldn't be a thanksgiving party without them. That night, President Robinson was going to be calling all the sister missionaries about transfers and so we decided to go to our next door neighbors, Elder and Sister Mayhue, for our calls because they had never heard a transfer call before. It was so funny to watch their faces as they heard President say, "Sister Dunlop, the Lord wants you to be transferred into a trio with Sister Christian and Sister Matelle in the Lazy Mountain area,". Haha I was dying. I adore them. 

Friday morning, Sister Robinson (our mission president's wife) invited all the sisters serving in Anchorage to come to the mission home for lunch and help her decorate for Christmas! We set up like a zillion nativities, Christmas lights and wreaths, and then the [fake] Christmas tree. The APs stopped by to grab something from Sister Robinson, but I don't think that they knew #1 we would all be there and #2 that they hadn't been invited to decorate too. I think they were a little salty about it too #sistermissionaryperks. 

We took our district out to "dinner" at the Yogurt Lounge on Saturday night because none of us had had people sign up for dinner and a member in Oceanview had given us $50 for food so we spent it on froyo. Not mad. My last Sunday here was celebrated by having to give the opening prayer in Sacrament Meeting in the Bush Branch and then being asked to speak in Oceanview's Sacrament Meeting too. 
Big things, I know. 

Today is a mad scramble of finishing packing, dropping missionaries V, W, and X off and then picking up at Y and Z whatever time, cleaning, our district volleyball tournament, and all this other busy stuff. Tomorrow morning is the start of my transfer journey up to Palmer and I won't get to my new area until Wednesday night #alaskanmissionaryproblems because of some insane logistic travel plans. 
It's going to be chilly, but what else is new? I'm so excited!
I love you all💕☃️
Love, Sister Dunlop the Eskimo

Here's an insane & conglomerate mess of photos from this week:

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