8th Week in AK

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Halloween! After a lot of thought, I decided to be a sister missionary for Halloween (and the next one too) this year! It's super unique and exciting, I know. 

After our district meeting on Tuesday, we rallied the district to come and help a family in our ward pack and clean their house because they were moving down to California this week. Sister Martinez, Jewel, Ewing, and I scrubbed the kitchen clean for almost four hours while the elders loaded the moving van and cleaned the bathroom. It was a little nasty but she paid us in pizza and fresh (but frozen) halibut #alaskaperks. 

We had exchanges with Huffman on Wednesday/Thursday and so Sister Martinez came to OV with me! So blessed. Five minutes into our exchange, we got a call from the Spanish elders to come over and help one of their investigators pack up her apartment and move. Fun fact: if you're ever moving and want to get it over with fast, call the missionaries - we are pro. Anyways, so Sister Martinez & I drive over there (it's really like around the corner from our apartment, but it was so cold outside) and it's Adriana's apartment hahaha. Remember the Spanglish lesson from a little while ago? Yep, that one. So we packed up her house and then the elders drove the moving truck and followed her out to a storage unit where she's keeping all her stuff. I don't really know what's going on there, I was just used to pack, tape, carry, and load boxes. Then Sister Martinez and I did some Bush Branch calls, visited and taught the Heckels, had dinner, and then had a super powerful Restoration lesson with Arthur that Elder & Sister Mayhue (our cutie senior couple missionary neighbors) called in too. Thursday morning we had these big dreams to go and walk around the cemetery and find people to teach, but ended up getting locked in and had to go and ask the people at the front desk to let us out. So awkward. Later that day, I brought Sister Ewing over to Wanda's house to meet her (and because I wanted a giant Ziploc bag of candy). Then we had a lesson with Kaeloni and went to dinner at Moose's Tooth with the Rinlinsbacher's from the Oceanview Ward. 

More exchanges on Friday/Saturday with Campbell Park and Sister Slaughter came here with me. I've been on at least one exchange every week of my mission so far and so sometimes I don't even remember what area I'm assigned in anymore. We did a lot of finding/tracking down less actives in our ward that day and then went to a baptism for the O'Malley elders that night. I've never had so many doors slammed in my face in such a small amount of time as I did during our district tract on Saturday morning in the Rabbit Creek area, so that was a good time. We stopped by the Alley's birthday party on Saturday afternoon before Trunk or Treat to say hi and invited them to church on Sunday. They didn't come and Trunk or Treat was an epic fail because it was cold and raining and so it only lasted about an hour before all the kids were frozen and crying. Sometimes that's how I feel too when we are out tracting forever. I get it too, kids. But the Heckels were all emojis for Halloween so that was adorable and the smartest costume ever because you could wear a coat and all your warm clothes underneath!

Next week is busy with interviews and meetings and trainings so stay tuned. Sorry this email is super short and super lame.

Sister Dunlop

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