May 1, 2017

Monday, May 1, 2017

This is going to be kinda shortish because I FINALLY convinced our zone to go on a hike today and we're heading up to Angels Rock out by Chena in the middle of nowhere. And as you all know, I do not like writing these forever long email report things. But I do it because I love y'all.

Things about this week: I tried Chaga. It's this sketch AK tree drink thing. Super sketch tbh. One of our less actives gave it to me. Sister Fa'anunu was too chicken to try it but basically this guy goes out into the woods and finds these growths on the sides of birch trees, knocks them off, brings them home, saws them down, puts the sawdust in a coffeemaker, adds some water, and drinks it. I guess there's like a zillion health benefits to it but I don't know, it just tasted like tea water. Probably won't try it again unless it turns out that I can become a stellar superhero by drinking more of it. 

We've been tracting a lot this week trying to grow our teaching pool. I am learning to love tracting, still super don't like it, but learning to love it because we do it so much. We found a stellar potential investigator...that we have to hand off to YSA because she's not married but whatever #notbitter. When we knocked on her door, she was wearing a Color Run t-shirt and in my head I was like "this chick is Mormon but she doesn't even know it". Anyways, we were talking to her and did the 8 Step Door Approach (@sisMcGee) and it was awesome and then she started asking more questions and I ended up teaching her the Restoration right there on her front porch. Then we gave her a Book of Mormon that she was really excited about and she said she would come to church, but we didn't see her yesterday so we'll have to go track her down and get her to YSA.

On Saturday our ward helped with the Community Clean Up in FBX. All around the city, people cleaned up all the nasty garbage from Breakup that was on the sides of the highway. It took us three hours and we found stuff like pj pants, needles, Taco Bell sauce, and all this other random stuff. But it looks so much better! I have so many sketch stories from doing service in Fairbanks, I'll probably have to write a book about them all when I get home. Also, we have a bishop now! IT'S BROTHER POWELL! We absolutely love the Powell family (as I'm sitting on their couch eating cookies and doing laundry). Yay for 5th Ward!

That was a super random email but whateverz.
Love y'all. Peace and blessings.

XO Sister Dunlop

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